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ClarkUp Affiliation : Affiliated in the spotlight !

If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in affiliation and affiliate programs…

So what makes ClarkUp’s so different ?

That’s what we’re going to tell you in this detailed article.

There are some great surprises in store for you !

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

The affiliation is, in simple terms, the fact of playing the intermediary between the seller and the prospect, potentially acquirer, therefore future customer.

The activity is carried out thanks to the affiliate program set up by the seller.

The intermediary, called an affiliate, will receive an affiliate commission if the sale is concluded between the two parties, the seller and the client.

The job of the affiliate is to find the most qualified prospects possible to have a good return on its effectiveness in relation to the work provided.

Why did ClarkUp choose the affiliate route ?

The choice of affiliation was made by its founder Anthony Nevo who is the CEO and who has other StartUp’s using this win-win system of profit redistribution.

In particular, he runs a other product, training and service company related to entrepreneurship and again using affiliate marketing.

If it’s a model he particularly likes it’s because he used it very often, at his very beginning in the active life, as an affiliate before becoming CEO of several StartUp.

So he knows the subject perfectly !



How to do affiliate marketing

To do affiliate marketing you need to partner with a company offering an affiliate program and become an affiliate.

There are 2 options available to you:

  • companies that allow you to be an affiliate WITHOUT having to subscribe to or purchase their service or product.

This is the case with Amazon for example

  • companies that allow you to participate in their program CONDITIONALLY to be a customer with them or to have purchased one of their products or services.

This is the case with ClarkUp!



Why the bad image of affiliate marketing ?

If it is true that many companies use an affiliate program in their marketing strategy for their economic development, the affiliation remains hidden.

For proof, if you need to search if a company offers an affiliate program you will have to go to the very bottom of its site or, in the footer, you will find a small line indicating partnership or affiliate…

One of the simple reasons could be that affiliate marketing is too often associated with multi-level marketing.

And this one is often on the scene for Ponzy or Madoff type pyramid scheme problems which tarnishes its image.

As a result they ‘hide’ their affiliate program.

Yet even banks use it, for example Boursorama and so many others in a multitude of different types of activities.

What is the ClarkUp affiliate program ?

You will have understood that ClarkUp, for its marketing strategy, uses affiliation for its business development.

We are here in the case where you will have to have purchased the product, for example with the LIFE ACCESS offer as long as it is available, or you will have a Standard subscription for using ClarkUp.

Understand that participation in the affiliate program is OPTIONAL !

In fact, many ClarkUp users will use the tool only to find the customers they need for their business without worrying about the affiliate program.



How the commission system works at ClarkUp

Commissions, as you will have understood, are only distributed when a sale is made.

Thus you will have the opportunity to receive commissions :

  • single for purchases with only 1 payment
  • multiple for purchases with multiple payments
  • recurring if it is a subscription, as long as it is valid

Commissions are paid on 2 levels:

  • your personal sales ( level 1): 25% of the sale price
  • your affiliates’ sales ( level 2): 25% also

Taking into account the price of a BASIC annual subscription, that is 1499€ in payment in 1 time the commission will be 375€ that you will see appear in your affiliate section.

If your prospect takes a monthly BASIC subscription, 149€/month you will receive 37,5€ during the whole period of validity of their subscription.

  • How many customers do you expect to find per month?
  • How many customers will your partners find per month?

You understand that with this system you have the opportunity to receive commissions on sales that you will not have made yourself.



How to promote ClarkUp and benefit from the affiliate program

As soon as you become a ClarkUp user member you will have access to your personal member area.

There you will find a Training folder allowing you to get acquainted with the ClarkUp tool and learn everything about its use.

You will also discover, in the left-hand menu, an affiliation section.

This is where you will have access to your affiliate links.

A preferential affiliation link because it’s a capture page that allows you to save your prospect’s email so that you can later send them information about ClarkUp.

Another link for your contacts who have understood very well the usefulness of ClarkUp and want to validate their purchase without going through the whole presentation phase of the tool.

Now that you have access to ClarkUp, you can use it to market to your prospects, it is designed for this purpose.

Note that affiliate programs do not deliver a tool to promote themselves.

Your chance here is that the product is a multi-channel prospecting tool.

Use it!

You’ll also be able to communicate on your various social networks, LinkedIn, Facebook… to promote yourself.



Affiliation, Cookies OR NOT Cookies ?

If you are already familiar with affiliate programs that work with affiliate links you will know that the system of knowing that it is you who is the source of the sale is through cookies.

The cookies have a validity period, 1 month 3 months 1 year depending on the program in question.

Without going into technical details, cookies are not infallible.

Just change your browser or device to make the purchase and the cookie is gone, so you lose your right to your affiliate commission.

That’s why ClarkUp has set up a second tracking system.

When you send your prospects to your preferred affiliate link and they leave their email address there, it creates a ‘ghost account’.

This solution allows you to be awarded your affiliate commission even if the cookie had disappeared provided that the prospect makes his purchase with the same email address.

Thank you ClarpUp !



How to take advantage of the affiliate program if you know nothing about affiliate marketing

If this is your case, rest assured, ClarkUp is putting everything in place for you to succeed in this business.

  • In the Training section videos teach you best practices ( available soon )
  • Once a month specific webinars for ClarkUp distributors are set up.

This will give you access to all the information and strategies that lead to success.

No worries if you can’t attend, you’ll receive the replay link.

  • A Telegram Affiliate ClarkUp channel is also available, live info, news…
  • Last but not least, you can promote the Offer LIFETIME ACCESS to the PREMIUM plan which is only available FROM affiliates.

Let your prospects enjoy the PREMIUM plan for life in 1 SINGLE purchase ( but regulated up to 10x ) for barely more than the BASIC plan from the official ClarkUp website.


What marketing tools to promote ClarkUp ?

As you will have seen we have sprinkled throughout this article banners with different formats and text incentives have been created.

At the moment the visuals available are only in French.

No doubt that English versions will appear soon.

You can download these images and use them at will for your marketing promotion.

The banners are also available with an HTML code which allows their integration on your website or blog.

The banners are clickable and link back to your affiliate link.

All marketing visuals are available in the Affiliate section of your ClarkUp member area.

How to take advantage of the affiliate program WITHOUT doing an affiliate

We offer you alternatives with no guarantee of results but who knows…

With these solutions you could make your purchase or subscription profitable.

It will also depend on your volume of prospecting.

  1. Create an automatic signature with a clickable link for all the emails you will send to your different prospects. If your text is intriguing enough no doubt some will click on it and potentially you will make a sale.
  2. Create a generic thank you video for the prospect’s attention with a few words about the solution you used to track them and with a call to action button with your affiliate link.

Does affiliate marketing with ClarkUp pay off ?

It’s hard to answer this question because it’s so personal.

Some will tell you that it does, and even that it pays very well.

Others won’t, it will just be a supplemental income.

The real questions are:

  • How involved are you with ClarkUp to ensure you succeed?
  • Will you be persistent and enduring enough to implement this new income stream?

Only you have the answers…

One thing is for sure, and you’ve seen it throughout this article, ClarkUp has done everything and put everything at your disposal for your success.

By taking advantage of the LIFE DEAL you have your whole life ahead of you if you want to take your time or will only be doing this business part-time.



Earning commissions is good, being able to withdraw them is better !

The issue of withdrawing commissions is always an important topic.

Here’s how it works at ClarkUp :

First of all you should know that as soon as a sale is closed you will receive an email notification that you have just earned a commission.

That’s pretty good news ! Hearing that notification drop…

It doesn’t mean it’s available for withdrawal.

The commission is blocked for 30 days for possible withdrawals.

The amount is visible in the ‘pending’ indicator.

If the commission is a purchase in installments then the first part goes to the pending section while the rest is visible in the forecast.

When an amount appears in the available balance then it means that you can request your withdrawal.

For this a special tab allows you to request your withdrawal in 2 ways:

  • Or by PayPal
  • Or by IBAN

Count between 48 and 72 hours, with the banks’ delays, for your balance to be credited to your account.

IMPORTANT: You will need to provide an invoice to collect your commissions !

What statistics are available for affiliate activity ?

To track your affiliate marketing activity you have an Affiliates tab.

In it you will find the following information:

  • The total number of clicks on your links
  • The number of subscribers: people who have left their email address and will receive ClarkUp emails, so a bigger potential conversion
  • Your Level 1 customers
  • Your Level 2 customers
  • Your TOTAL sales
  • Your Available Balance
  • The Pending Balance
  • And your Forecast ( the remaining balance from installment payments )

You also have access to all the commissions collected for each of your customers, level 1 and 2 as well as an indicator to know which payment it is during the purchases in several times.

  • For example: customer X, level 1, payment 2/10

This is also where you will find your affiliate links, the tab to make your withdrawals or access to all the visuals and HTML code for your marketing.

So, Gold Affiliate ?

That’s for you to judge !

By being a Clarkup affiliate you have the HUGE ADVANTAGE of being able to offer LIFETIME ACCESS to the PREMIUM plan for almost the same price as a Basic plan renewable over potentially several years.

And a 10x payment possible for those who leave their email address…

These are still very important arguments !

This possibility is reserved ONLY for affiliates, ClarkUp does not participate, on its official site, in this operation to leave you this OPPORTUNITY.

Will you be able to seize it ?

Wishing we had been as clear and transparent as possible about the ClarkUp Affiliate Program.

We wish you a very pleasant prospecting with our favorite tool !




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