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How to prospect on LinkedIn with ClarkUp ?

Prospecting on LinkedIn is a method to find your future clients in the professional world.

On LinkedIn as on other social networks there are rules to follow…

Having the right prospecting tool is also a big help.

Let’s look at all of these IMPORTANT points for success in your prospecting.

What is LinkedIn ?

LinkedIn is arguably the largest social network in the professional world.

You’ll find entrepreneurs, businesses, companies from all over the world, it’s impressive.

You can already imagine the potential of this network if your prospecting target is professionals.

You are here in the universe par excellence for B2B, understand Business to Business.

Don’t have an account on LinkedIn yet, even though you’re in a business that requires this type of connection ?

You’ll need to create an account at the earliest opportunity.

Important rules to know for your prospecting on LinkedIn !

First of all you need to understand that a profile that gives confidence is a profile that is properly filled out, with a minimum of information, a photo, …

Then make sure to feed your LinkedIn account with posts, publications, related to your professional activities.

Give quality content, useful tips, up-to-date information are all elements that the professional who views your page will scrupulously analyze.

For any new contact requests you receive make a return message to your new network partner.

And finally, you should know that a LIMIT of 100 new contacts per week per LinkedIn account is the maximum.

Beyond that you will be called to order, you are considered a spammer and your account, if you go beyond that your account will be suspended.

ClarkUp LinkedIn prospection

How to prospect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a search engine for which you will be able to refine the results with filters

The filters we most commonly use in our searches are:

  • Person
  • Company
  • Posts
  • Events

There are others that you may find useful, consider taking a look.

What software for your prospecting on LinkedIn?

We’re not going to list them all, just know that ProspectIn is already familiar to us, however there are many others specialized for Linkdin.

As far as we are concerned we made the choice to use the ClarkUp solution for the following reasons:

ClarkUp has NO connection to your LinkedIn account which means your ClarkUp account can be used on as many Linkdin accounts as you would have access to.

ClarkUp uses semi-automation for sales prospecting but no automation regarding bulk messaging thus avoiding any possibility of account suspension for bot/automation use.

These 2 aspects guarantee peace of mind and security for your LinkedIn Professional accounts.

Customized video option for your LinkedIn sales prospecting with ClarkUp !

ClarkUp allows you to connect with your Leads with a short, personalized video message if you wish.

This option, hyper convenient we admit, generates an animated GIF image that you can embed in your prospect’s email, guaranteeing a very PRO effect that few software programs offer.

Video also allows you to pass much more information to your prospects by avoiding numerous messages and follow-ups that have become unnecessary with this option.

ClarkUp prospecting features for LinkedIn

Here are several options:

  • From a publication, you will be able to download all the profiles that have liked or commented on the post, and this automatically and without limit of number.
  • From an event organized on the LinkedIn network and related to the theme of your research. Ditto you will be able to download all the profiles that attended it.

Practical no?

  • Start your search and download the set of outgoing profiles.
  • You can also upload a unique profile that you would have discovered or your contact’s profile asking you to join your network that has definite appeal to your prospecting.

You will be able to assign all your new Leads to a specific Pipeline to follow up with all your prospects.

ClarkUp LinkedIn prospection software

CRM and follow up on your leads in your Pipelines on ClarkUp

Each of your new leads is saved in the CRM database in your ClarkUp account.

In the same way leads are assigned to your pipeline or one of your pipelines for follow-up.

The pipeline is simply a sequence of actions to implement based on the return, or lack thereof, of your prospect in order to have an overall view of where you are with them in your sales process.

Contact, return of the customer, follow-up to be scheduled at such and such a date… sending a new video… thank you…

Pipelines are provided with ClarkUp software incorporating sample prospecting messages that you can keep and use as is.

Bref we can imagine anything !

Lead-enrichment, the ClarkUp option that makes a difference !

This option, lead enrichment, uses an outsourced service that when you activate it will do everything it can to find additional information that may be important to you.

Search for

  • The prospect’s email
  • The company or corporation they work for
  • His position within it
  • The company’s website
  • His phone number

There is no guarantee of results and if no information is brought up there is no credit to debit for the search.

We prospect every day on LinkedIn with ClarkUp!

In fact, our choice fell on ClarkUp, for its simplicity of use, to carry out our commercial prospecting missions for our profile searches for our internal activities as well as for our clients for whom we provide outsourced prospecting.

Today ONLY ClarkUp affiliates have the opportunity to give you the LIFETIME ACCESS OFFER !

The official ClarkUp site does not allow for this opportunity.

The rate for this offer changes each new month with the price going up of course.

  • In January the ClarkUp offer was available at 1497€ for its LIFE access with payments in 1, 3 or 5 times and even 10 times on the LAST DAY of the month for those who had left their email address, i.e. 159€ x10 for some lucky ones.
  • In February, ClarkUp Lifetime Access  is at 1597€, now that’s 100€ more, still with payments possible in 1, 3 or 5x.

And who knows, maybe in 10x for those who would leave their email address

You will then have to watch your eMails on February 28 for this month !

There is no certainty about this.

The assumption is based on the facts of the previous month.



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