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Artificial intelligence is inviting itself in all areas of our lives.

For our better being, to gain in efficiency…

But what are the potential Dangers ?

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that allows a computer system to simulate human intelligence, using mathematical and algorithmic methods, machine learning.

It is capable of automating complex tasks and making decisions from data, without human intervention.

In other words, it is a technology that enables machines to think and make decisions autonomously and/or automatically.

Be careful, however, to stay in control!


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Is it really intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence can be considered a form of intelligence because it is capable of solving complex problems, but it is very different from human intelligence.

AI systems can be programmed to perform specific tasks, however they are not capable of intuitive reasoning and complex decision making.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is limited by the amount and accuracy of data provided to it.

Humans remain the “master” despite everything, for how much longer ?

Machine Learning, the heart of Artificial Intelligence !

What you might take for intelligence is just data acquisition.

This is the role of Machine Learning !

And for it to be effective it requires monstrous amounts of data, which is why the Big Data giants have a huge advantage.

The principle used is the one that allows your phone to suggest a word when you type a text message in your email for example.

By selecting one of the proposed answers you participate in the experiment and provide information on the probability of an answer in relation to a request.

Artificial intelligence is only the most probable result, according to statistics, of the most common answer according to the request and your situation.


What are the industries where AI is used the most ?

AI is used in many sectors, including finance, medicine, industry, military intelligence, retail, agriculture and services.

For example, it is used to perform:

  • stock market transactions,
  • diagnose diseases,
  • monitor industrial sites,
  • predict military threats,
  • help customers in their purchases, ( and yes, the SYSTEM directs you for your spending! )
  • optimize crops e
  • provide customer services


Artificial Intelligence to write your content and Blog posts

It’s no secret, Google likes us to bring content to our sites or Blogs regularly for SEO, which is why those who manage many sites use AI for their writing.

The generated text is not 100% good but this precious help allows a huge saving of time and unfortunately the decrease of the demand to the web editors.

You will find on the market several software designed for this specific task.

This is the case for the following writing tools:

  • Creaitor – The exceptional automatic writing tool with Artificial Intelligence
  • Marketing Copy – Artificial Intelligence writes all your content
  • WriteCream – Automatically write emails, blog posts, sales copy… A nugget

All software today offer many features to create content of extreme quality.

It is clear that each of them evolves regularly to stay in competition with the competition, this is rather good news when you make this kind of purchase.


What are the possibilities of AI in audio/voice ?

AI can be used to understand and process speech.

AI systems can be programmed to recognize and understand human speech and generate appropriate responses.

In addition, it can be used to improve the customer experience, by understanding customer expressions and questions and providing accurate responses.

Today, on the face of it, there is already software that can mimic your voice for the reading of written text you might submit to them…

The most well-known sites and associated software are Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

YouTube also offers subtitles to your videos thanks to this type of AI.


What are the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence with image and drawing ?

AI can be used to analyze and understand images.

AI systems can be programmed to recognize objects, faces and scenes in images.

In addition, it can be used to provide visual assistance to users, providing additional information about images.

The most well-known sites and associated software are Google Cloud Vision, Clarifai and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Finally, artificial intelligence can create the images you need.

Use a prompt to define your query and submit it to the AI to provide an image.

This is the case with which allows you with a single prompt to ask several built-in AIs to provide you with an image result, sometimes a very nice design.

So you can choose from several styles for your result :

  • Portrait+
  • Double exposure
  • Dream Shaper
  • SynthwavePunk
  • Protogen x3.4
  • Anything V4

Your choice will depend on the aesthetic you are looking for. even includes a feature to create images directly in your WordPress.

What are the possibilities of AI in video ?

AI can be used to analyze and understand videos.

AI systems can be programmed to recognize objects, faces and scenes in videos.

In addition, it can be used to provide visual assistance to users, providing additional information about videos.

A simple Video editing and editing software such as FlexClip today allows, thanks to AI, to have your subtitles embedded without having submitted a text file first, just with the sound of your voice.

The most well-known sites and associated software are Google Cloud Video Intelligence, Amazon Rekognition and Microsoft Video Indexer.

What are the possibilities of AI in medicine ?

AI can be used to analyze medical data and provide accurate diagnoses.

AI systems can be programmed to analyze medical images and provide accurate diagnoses.

In addition, it can be used to improve patient care, providing accurate medical information and advice.

What are the possibilities of AI in finance/trading ?

AI can be used to analyze financial data and make trading decisions.

AI systems can be programmed to analyze financial market data and make trading decisions based on that data.

In addition, it can be used to improve investor performance by providing accurate financial information and advice.

What jobs are most threatened by AI today ?

Many jobs are threatened by AI right now.

The occupations most threatened by AI are those that are repetitive and can be easily automated, such as manufacturing workers, cashiers and office workers.

What new jobs are emerging that are linked to AI ?

New jobs are emerging that are related to AI.

The most promising jobs are those related to data analysis, artificial intelligence and process automation.

These jobs include data scientists, AI software engineers, and process automation specialists.

What are the risks to humanity from AI ?

The main risks of AI to humanity are the loss of jobs, dependence on technology, and the risk of data manipulation.

In addition, there is the risk that AI could be used for malicious purposes, such as hacking into computer systems or manipulating data.

Can humans trust Artificial Intelligence ?

Humans can trust AI, provided that AI systems are properly designed, developed and managed.

AI systems must be programmed to take human emotions into account and follow rules and laws.

In addition, AI systems must be evaluated and monitored regularly to ensure that they are functioning properly.


What are the best books, movies dealing with AI ?

There are many books and movies dealing with AI.

Some of the best books include :

  • “The Dream Machine” by Ray Kurzweil,
  • “How the Future Will Be” by Max Tegmark and
  • “Artificial Intelligence for Dummies” by John Paul Mueller.

Among the best films are :

  • “Ex Machina”,
  • “Blade Runner 2049”
  • “Transcendence”


ChatGPT : How to access the benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Today ChatGPT is getting a lot of press, however it is not the only solution, alternatives exist.

  • You can use the Chrome AI Merlin extension for example.
  • is another available platform.
  • A Google search will help you find the other options

Note that many times you will have to reread, or even correct some mistakes, AI is not infallible and is not an infallible science either.

Some of the information provided is imperfect, sometimes wrong …

Stay safe !

Artificial intelligence: an avalanche of examples

Indeed there is no shortage of examples :

  • From your phone messenger that offers to finish your sentences for you.
  • The website or blog articles you read that you think are written by a human.
  • The Tesla cars that move without human intervention.
  • Adverts that are served to you based on your likes posted in your social networks or related to what your friends have recently purchased…

And the further we go in time the more there will be, probably less and less noticeable to the uninitiated.


clarkup review 5 key points
ClarkUp REVIEW : 5 KEY POINTS to look at !

How can Artificial Intelligence optimize ClarkUp ?

We’ve just seen that AI is creeping in everywhere so why not in ClarkUp.

Although ClarkUp is already very effective in its segment, especially with the Automation capability that Zapier offers.

Several avenues seem feasible:

  • In the message writing function to prospects.

You could indicate the purpose of the message you want to send and to whom.

The AI would go and scan and analyze the prospect’s profile to write a perfectly personalized message that meets your objective.

  • In the personalized videos you send.

Here The AI could pronounce your prospect’s first name, with your voice, while the basic video would be a generic video.

There would surely be other voices for using Artificial Intelligence that we haven’t thought of yet that will emerge from the already very creative ClarkUp team.

Artificial Intelligence is an extremely powerful technology that can be used to improve productivity and performance in many areas.

It allows companies to better understand and use the data at their disposal, and offers new possibilities for creating new products and services.

With AI, companies can become smarter and more competitive, and realize significant profits.

ClarkUp will not escape this !

And to improve your life and your company’s bottom line, think ClarkUp !



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