clarkup review 5 key points

ClarkUp REVIEW : 5 KEY POINTS to look at !

Looking for a ClarkUp review ?

Here’s ours, based on facts to try to be as objective as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 key points reviewed.

Our review of ClarkUp’s Prospecting feature

ClarkUp is a tool for prospecting on social networks, but not only…

Indeed, in addition to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the possibilities originally delivered with ClarkUp, it is now possible to make your prospecting on Google MAPS and also via contact forms on your prospects’ websites.

Once you have defined the profile of your ideal prospect, all you have to do is go hunting.

Note that you will not have 100% conversion of your prospects into customers, this is normal.

However with a good targeting you will have a very good level of satisfaction on your conversion rate.

It is advisable for an optimal result, in our opinion, to watch all the videos in the training area.

LinkedIn is to be preferred if you are looking for professional relationships, B2B.


Easy-to-use notice

The interface is simple to understand and intuitive.

The different menus allow a clear and quick understanding of the section’s functionalities.

The same goes for using the ClarkUp Chrome Extension and its various possibilities for downloading leads, both en masse and per unit.

The statistics are sufficient to exploit the data and optimize its prospecting and in particular the follow-up of your leads thanks to the pipelines.

Existing templates can be used directly as is, or modified, or simply create new ones for your specific needs.

Internal ClarkUp training advice

Each social network has dedicated videos, as does the use of the ClarkUp member area or even its extension.

Others explain how to make your custom videos for both cold and hot prospecting.

Each video is made in a short period of time and in a pedagogical way, understandable by everyone.

Advantage for French speakers, everything is in French !

clarkup affiliation affiliated distributors


ClarkUp Affiliate Review

Much more than an opinion, this is about facts…

ClarkUp is pulling out all the stops for its affiliated distributor network :

  • 25% on your direct sales and 25% on your customer or distributor sales
  • only affiliated distributors can offer LIFETIME ACCESS to the PREMIUM plan

The Official ClarkUp website simply does not offer this !

You understand the huge ADVANTAGE for those who want to become Distributors :

As a result, our super positive review on the key point Affiliate.

marketing automation bizleads summit tools

Marketing Automation Notice

As of this writing ClarkUp has recently integrated several marketing automation tools.

We believe this will be a plus for this prospecting software already at an excellent level of performance.

We know that the ClarkUp team is always researching and very active on new features to implement to constantly improve the experience and satisfaction of its users.

Zapier and Make have been integrated as application automation systems to gain even more efficiency and therefore return for its users.

There must be a total of more than 5,000 apps that allow for automation between them.

A real step forward for ClarkUp !

Final ClarkUp review

The ClarkUp team demonstrates every day its commitment to evolve its tool to become THE reference in the field of prospecting.

The software is already in the rearview mirror of the market leaders.

Fast, innovative, you can be sure that very soon you will hear about ClarkUp with all the positive opinions it will generate.

Simple, intuitive, efficient, that’s all ClarkUp can offer you.



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