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Closing : Which tool to become an EFFECTIVE closer ?

Closing is very fashionable these days and many training organizations are flourishing on the subject.

The potential income is a dream and attracts more and more people to this Closer profession.

But what is it really ?

And above all, what tool can you use to multiply the results of your closing ?

What is Closing ?

Closing is the art of turning a prospect into a customer on a call, by accompanying him from listening to his needs to proposing your commercial offer product or service adapted or finalize a recruitment thanks to your closing technique.

Success is a real pleasure, you can be sure of it.

Good closers are highly sought after and often very well paid by closing companies.

It is a real art !


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What is the job of a Closer ?

Exercising the job of a closer is not a simple thing that we tell ourselves.

The job closer is indeed not for everyone.

The closer has a commercial mission for the company that commissions him.

The aim is to sell the product using all the closing techniques but above all by listening to the prospect.

Quickly, with the help of the right questions, he will have the answers to his objections in order to succeed in formulating his offer as the need of his future client.

Closer is not innate and not everyone is made for this job.

However, as with any profession, if you feel the call of the closing then we invite you to refer to our paragraph concerning the Closing training.

Perhaps you feel the need to measure yourself against the prospect and the regular challenge of trying to convert them into a client, in which case you seem to be made for closing.

In fact, it is by proposing a commercial offer adapted to your prospect that you will do him the greatest service.

Be persistent, closing is difficult but it is by dint of practice that you will end up improving.

You will end up having the feeling to ask the right questions to your customers in order to understand their real needs and propose your best product.

Succeeding in sales, mainly in closing may seem easy yet it is a commercial and technical exercise that is a real job.


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What does a Closer make ?

Difficult to evaluate the salary of a closer as they are so numerous, some for example with very good incomes and others without any results but those are not displayed on the Web be sure.

On the other hand you have to take into account the fact that products can be at very different prices and consequently the remuneration too.

The question is how much do you want to earn with the sales techniques you will learn.

Do you want to do your prospect a favor ?

Do you prefer products or services ?

But maybe you are more attracted to recruiting, in which case it is different from pure sales.

If necessary, study the companies that offer closing to know what you will have to do: product, service, recruitment.

What is closing training

The closing training aims to teach you all the techniques of selling a closer and the different approaches to apply depending on the circumstances to successfully convert your prospect into a customer and this from the end of the call.

Are you able to do it right now for example ?

If your answer then no doubt you need to find a closing training offer.

As you can see, above, there are even trainings that are only for women.

You can always try it on your own, but how long will you have to practice and improve before you are really effective ?

Does closing have a future ?

Some offers being at relatively high rates the closer still has many years ahead of it. There will always be companies to propose these hight ticket product or service offers that require a certified closer.

You can count on this business activity for many years to come.

This gives you time to practice and improve your sales technique with your current prospects.


The Closing must reassure the customer !

Your company has put you in touch with a prospect who is interested in their offer, however they can’t make up their mind.

Ask him the right questions to find out what is blocking him.

Use the question technique, the 5 whys…

Why ?

Because you will never have the real answer to your first why.

Without the real source of his blocking you will not be able to help your prospect to become your customer.

And if he doesn’t become your customer, there’s no point in telling you that he will be someone else’s customer…

There is no shortage of examples on this subject !

Don’t forget that this skill is actually a profession.


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Is closing a kind of manipulation ?

The right closing is an aid to the choice that your prospect must make.

It is better to have a satisfied customer than an unhappy one…

Also the forced sale is not appropriate with serious closing companies.

The closing company does not need a commercial reputation that would scare away potential customers in advance.

On the other hand, those who need a closer for their product or service select reputable companies especially for high ticket offers.

In these conditions your closing must respect the prospect and if the offer is not for him, that’s life…

Next !

Well, before moving on to the next one, you have to be sure.

The question is do you want to succeed in closing ?

Can you really think about it ?

Doing this job is exhausting if you don’t do it for the right reasons…

How long does it take to close effectively ?

Everything will depend on your abilities, your motivation to succeed, your commercial fiber or not…

So many personal elements that do not allow to give a precise answer.

It is possible that this does not help you but it is a fact.

Maybe depending on the product or service you are proposing you will be more or less comfortable, at least at the beginning.

Your closing will become more fluid when you are trained in the right techniques and questions.

Remember that every start-up goes through a learning phase.


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Ready to succeed in closing ?

If so, there’s no need to procrastinate, join a serious closing company now.

Your first few leads will probably be a trying time, but after you’ve made a few well thought out closings, satisfied customers that you’ve done them a favor, then everything will be better.

Remember: asking the right questions will allow you to offer the right product or service from the company you are closing for.

Be relaxed, not overly commercial and enjoy your job with your prospects.

Do them the favor of taking action if you can.

Don’t abuse borderline sales techniques, it’s better to “miss” a sale than to have a dissatisfied customer.

Be sure that you are doing your company a favor by not converting this prospect into a customer.

That’s what closing is all about !

A good salesperson doesn’t take advantage of the prospect to make the sale, that’s what success means too.

Product closing or service closing ?

For product sales it is always a fixed commission.

For services, it can be different, you can for example depending on the business agreement, have a recurring commission as long as the customer remains subscribed.

For recruitment, it is likely to be a fixed commission.

We don’t have an example of this particular case.

You can be sure that you will be much more often in the presence of product offers for prospects which can be a technical advantage in this business.

We can sense your eagerness to convert your first prospects into customers.

We wish you every success in your new job as a closing agent.

Being successful in this business is not only a question of selling.

Respect your prospect, don’t overdo the sales techniques if you can.

You will find plenty of sites on the web dedicated to sales techniques.



What tool for an effective closing ?

The closer business involves consistency, commitment and discipline to succeed in selling your products or services.

Without a tool perfectly suited to your need you won’t make it.

This one will have to allow you to find your prospects on the web, the biggest source of leads, and allow you to follow up on them with a CRM and an automation of some of your time-consuming and boring tasks.

We invite you to consult the solution of our choice for the follow-up of our customer relations, a solution perfectly adapted to the business closer, to commercial activities, to recruitment as well for example.

You can use it in many different ways for your sales, your communication or, for example, to develop customer loyalty.

Discover ClarkUp for your AMAZING incresase of Effectivmess in Closing !


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