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Customer follow-up : CRM tool, an imperative !

Why follow up with your customers

An example is often much more telling than great speeches.

Do you always buy on first contact a product or brand you don’t know ?

There you have your answer on the usefulness of a customer follow-up…

Customer follow-up is also widely used in the employment industry for recruitment.

How to do a good follow-up

Scrupulously collect customer data

In the past sales people used excel files, this era is over, you are in the time of CRM software, very often an intuitive and powerful tool to store the data of your prospects and contact history, a necessity for your customer follow-up.

Optimize your customer knowledge

This is the whole point of a high-performance crm tool. Knowing your prospect means having the relevant data on their needs for example.

The management of the history is a necessity for your marketing actions.

Without this prerequisite, forget your sales objectives.

Personalize your approach

It is thanks to all this data that you will be able to offer your prospect the best satisfaction experience during your contact.

This will improve the relationship with your brand and your prospects will know how to speak well of your services, making it easier for your sales people in your area for example.

Take care of the relationship

Using the right CRM software should allow you to offer the best customer relationship services to your prospects.

Then it’s up to you to follow up with high-end customer care.

Build on quality customer relations

The customer relationship is the brand image you can convey in your area and ultimately help you reach your sales goals.

Set up follow-up actions

No sales, or very few, if you don’t put in place an effective sales follow-up using pipelines and a sequence of actions adapted to your marketing strategy.

Why make a follow-up chart

The follow-up table is the tool that allows you to know the data about your prospect, also know the history of contacts by yourself or anyone else in your company.

You can also, for example, have indications on his level of satisfaction allowing you to adapt your products, services or your marketing and sales strategy.

Which CRM software for customer follow-up ?

The CRM software market is growing rapidly and regularly offers new products.

Choose the crm software that suits your needs and the size of your business.

Do you need multiple accounts, for your sales people for example ?

So many parameters to take into account when choosing your CRM tool.

Make sure that the software is intuitive, collects all the data you need and allows you to reach your company’s objectives.

It should be accessible on site or from the web for easy access for everyone.

What CRM software to start with

We propose a simple, intuitive software, dedicated to our commercial follow-up with all the necessary features for data processing, a customer follow-up crm, history, pipeline management according to the origin of the prospects, connection from the prospect sheet…

What to ensure a quality customer relationship and achieve your business objectives.

You can even participate in selling this crm tool to your contacts easily just by using it.

Maybe an additional sales opportunity with your prospects, who knows ?

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How to build customer loyalty

Having customers is good, retaining them is even better for your sales objectives!

Knowing your customer base also allows for targeted marketing sales action to easily close new sales.

Steeve Jobs was banking on the customer experience

Look at where the Apple brand is today and especially the excitement created for their products among their community.

The customer complaint, an opportunity

Every feedback is a business opportunity to improve yourself, to learn from your prospects.

You can easily collect the data to analyze it and thus be able to increase their satisfaction level.

You also ensure better brand recognition and make your sales goals a little more concrete each time.
A company with a serious brand must offer a quality product or service, this is the basis.

Your customer relationship and customer management will be easier.

You will easily be able with an adapted marketing and good commercials to ensure you nice sales.

Your customers talk to you

Listening to their needs, their statisfaction as well as their dissatisfaction are precious indicators for your commercial follow-up.

This step is crucial to eventually correct your marketing or propose a new product or service offer.

You will get in return a better level of satisfaction from them.

Initiate an ongoing relationship with your customers

Your customers like to be the center of your attention, continue the exchanges even after your sale, that’s also what sales follow-up is all about.

A little note for the holidays, a happy birthday, so many little touches that can make the commercial difference with your competitors.

Not all are to be retained !

Knowing your prospects through customer follow-up also means prioritizing the contacts to be retained.

Sometimes you have to know how to avoid a sale if you sense a difficult customer.

Let him go consult another brand you will only be more peaceful in your customer follow-up.

Client follow-up and recruitment firm…

In the employment world, the recruitment firm also uses a CRM software in the customer follow-up for their research of prospects.

This is not about sales but about profile management in view of the recruitment of the prospect by a company with very specific needs.

Some regions or industries have a shortage of prospects and sometimes do their recruiting abroad as the job boards are struggling.

The business stakes are collossal for some companies.

Subsidiary questions :

  • What are your sales goals ?
  • Do you have an effective customer relations department ?
  • Do you use a CRM-type lead management software tool ?
  • How is your brand perceived in your area ?
  • Are you already meeting your marketing goals ?
  • Can you be sure you have the right customer relationship management software for your sales follow-up ?

So many questions that we invite you to think about !

Need a software to accompany your brand in its commercial follow-up, get in touch.

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