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Recruitment tools : Choose only the RIGHT one !

Your job is to find candidates, collaborators ?

A real full-time job…

Between the CVs, the tests, the interviews, sometimes on video, the management of offers and ads.

Not a day goes by without you thinking about a new tool or efficient management software for your canidatures.

Let’s see in detail a selection of software and candidate tools to help you find your profiles without going to Quebec to look for them.

Recruitment tools ?

In these difficult times for employment, recruiting is not an easy job.

Recruitment tools are constantly evolving.

How not to waste too much time in this selection ?

Bad times for HR ?

Not so sure if you make the right choice…

It is a real investment that will bring you so much in return

What are the 4 stages of recruitment ?

  • Writing an ad for the position you are looking for with a description of the ideal profile and requesting receipt of a resume to send to your company’s HR recruitment department seems like a good start.

You have the option of publishing it internally at first and then it could be published on recruitment sites or specialized agencies.

Several solutions exist at this level there.

  • The reception of resumes is the next step in your candidate selection process.

This is where you will have access to all the information, in a synthetic way, on the candidate’s profile, skills, previous jobs and company. The selection work can then really begin.

The study of the profiles will allow you to sort between the different applications to retain only those with a real interest for the position targeted within your company.

  • Then follows the contact with the selected candidates to confirm that they still have interest in your job offer.

Potentially new applications will disappear, as candidates have found the new position that suits them.

  • The passing of tests with a time limit for verification of certain skills.

An application interview by a person from the HR position, sometimes on video.

The company studies the various profiles with the information it has been able to obtain throughout the recruitment process of candidates and contact them again to inform them of the hiring or not for a permanent job, see become an employee.

All this requires a real work of investigation and research for sometimes the selection of a single application among dozens of CVs.

simple recruitment tool

What is a recruitment tool ?

The recruitment tool is nowadays a software with features to manage the different profiles of your candidates.

This one allows you to save precious time during your selection of candidates.

This solution is often reserved for HR personnel.

The software must have several functionalities, notably in the management of all your application profiles.

This tool should centralize, the information for each application:

  • the document with the proposed offer,
  • the resume,
  • the profile sheet,
  • the personalized video.

And with a simple click on the sheet you should have access to its position in your selection process.

So every day you know who to relaunch and where you are in your work.

A real time saver for maximum efficiency.

A good management of your tool from day to day.

All this comes at a price, that of having selected the right software and these tools are numerous on the market.

We can only encourage you to compare the different offers available by checking the functionalities, the ease of use, the management of the candidates’ files or the implementation of your recruitment process.

The price, fixed or subscription, will also be an important element for your company.

Ask, or check on the site, if a test is possible and under what conditions (sometimes for free).

This will take some work but once you have selected your new recruitment solution you can save valuable time.

easy recruitment tool

What are the means of recruitment ?

Several possibilities are available to the recruiter, you can for example:

  • The publications of job search ads, employees by specifying to send you the CV with the reference of the corresponding ad is a good start.

The ad can specify the position to be filled, the skills required, the company involved and sometimes offers to pay travel expenses at a flat rate when it is a profile difficult to find for recruiters.

  • You can also go through an external company whose competence is on the search for candidates corresponding to your expectations for the targeted position.

If it is for a temporary position you can contact the interim agencies.

  • Headhunters are another alternative if you want to outsource your entire recruitment process.

Provide them with the necessary and they take care of everything for you. Naturally you save on your working time but in return it comes at a price.

There too an interview will be necessary in your selection of application for your partner recruiter.

Once the agreement is concluded, he will take care of the publication of your ad until the final stage of his selection process where he will present you with the 2 or 3 selected applications.

It is up to you to make the final selection in the form of a video or in person on site.

HE will likely do his work with one of the recruitment tools you could have used yourself but that’s another debate.



What recruiting software will you adopt ?

As an HR recruiter you would probably like a simple software tool at an affordable price and with all the necessary features for managing your candidates and applications.

Wouldn’t using such a software make your recruiting easier?

An all-in-one tool where all relevant information is stored, a solution that saves you a lot of time when selecting candidates.

A tool where you can contact interesting profiles in the form of short videos to welcome them for their selection tests or to announce their accepted application.

This would demonstrate the professionalism of your company in the recruitment of profiles for the position concerned.

A software that allows you to set up a whole follow-up process for each of the recruitment ads that you could create, and this in a very short time and with a disconcerting ease as the tool is so intuitive.

Filters that allow you to classify your candidates by skill…

A system connected to the various social networks, sources of many very well documented profiles especially on LinkedIn or for each profile you can access :

  • the position held for this job
  • the skills within the company
  • to the current company
  • employed or self-employed
  • and so much other necessary and crucial information for any recruiter is published there.

It is sure the work of a HR in recruitment, it is a permanent work that requires a lot of time so might as well have the right tools to simplify life and especially save time.

Today, such a software exists and does not require any particular skills as it is intuitive and easy to use.

You can find all the information about this recruitment software, but not only, here by consulting the articles already published on our site where you will have access to all its features.

Here is a selection of articles published on our site :

A complete presentation of the software is available here.

On this other page you can consult the member area.

This one presents all the information on the pipeline tracking process for managing the various applications or interviews in progress.

Sub-accounts are available for several collaborators within your company, 3 positions, who would need permanent access to the software for their recruitment mission.

The innovation of the software is a short video solution that allows :

  • Create a fully customized video, with a title.
  • You can insert a button to send your candidate to the page on the site where they should take their tests.
  • A brief description of the expected skills can be published there.
  • The insertion of the video presentation of your company or a calendar are other options available.

See that this step would make sense in your recruitment processAmong the ement so much it affirms the professional side of your company.

No doubt that creating a job ad for a position and responding to it in this way would be a differentiator in the sector of recruiters.

As you can see, this software solution has many advantages to offer you in the management of your application selections.

Today you have the opportunity to acquire this tool for a single price, at the PREMIUM version, with all the features mentioned and 3 sub-accounts for your company’s collaborators and a permanent lifetime access.

Contact us to learn more, both on price and features, a video demo is also available.

Compare with other solutions and make the right selection !


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